Know Your Tattoo Health Risks

Tattoo Health Risks

Tattooing is now much more acceptable in western culture than it ever has been. In fact a tattoo is very much a fashion statement and a way of expressing ones self. In many cultures tattooing has been part of life for millennia. Yet the risk of problems and infection remains higher than most would like. Sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s the artist or the studio, and sometimes it’s nobody’s fault; it’s just one of those things.

By the simple process of needles repeatedly piercing the skin and bleeding while injecting ink into the skin, disease and infection becomes a potential risk.

Poor hygiene, an unsterile environment or contaminated equipment will increase the risk of contracting blood borne diseases.  These diseases can include hepatitis, tuberculosis, HIV, and there remains the risk of allergies, skin infections and the potential to inflict keloid scar formation.

Always consider the health risks before getting a new tattoo. Many tattoo dyes have undesirable chemicals in them and their contents are not regulated in most countries.

As a customer in a tattoo studio it is your responsibility to look for the signs of good hygiene management such as new gloves, changing gloves when they should be changed and new sterilised needles in clean sanitised areas, etc.

Thankfully, getting tattoos is generally safe and you should not be afraid to express yourself with beautiful body art but be aware of the pitfalls.