Tattoo Pain Levels

How Much Will My Tattoo Hurt?

Yes, it’s no secret that getting a tattoo done hurts. Your pain tolerance may dictate just where the best spot for a new tattoo is if pain is your main concern. The most painful areas tend to be where there are a lot of nerves close to the surface of the skin. In general the more flesh, the less pain.

The most painful areas are:

The tops of your feet. Anywhere on the ankles. Hips, ribs and spine. Sternum. The genital area.

Remember: The bigger the tattoo, the more pain. This is predominantly due to larger tattoos obviously taking longer to complete. Extended periods of tattooing challenge the most seasoned tattoo recipient as hours of relentless pain of varying degrees appear to get worse as time passes and nerves become frayed and tolerance declines. Consider having a smaller tattoo done first so you know what your pain threshold is. Then, go for a larger tattoo, because the majority of tattoo artists prefer to get as much of a large piece done in one go because they are on an artistic ‘roll’ and are in the creative zone.

How much pain will my tattoo cause? Only you will know.