Tips for Getting a New Tattoo

Things to Keep in Mind with a New Tattoo

Do not shave any area around a new tattoo. There will be a good chance of removing a very thin layer of new skin, wrecking your new tattoo. Leave the shaving for a few weeks, a bit of unwanted hair left to grow is okay.

Girls, if you have a new tattoo and are worried about a hairy leg then just wear trousers for a 3 or 4 weeks. And ladies, never wax a new tattoo!

Suitable clothing and the new tattoo. Now your new tattoo is healed, it is of the utmost importance to take continued care over the next few weeks. Wear loose clothing around the tattoo as tight fitting clothing can rub and cause an irritation resulting in inflammation, rashes or loose skin pulling off the newly healed tattoo.

So you think it’s all healed. If you can slide your fingers very lightly over the tattoo and you do not feel any lumps, bumps or raised areas, then you can assume your tattoo is fully healed. If you can still feel the odd raised area then leave it for another week and check it again. The average time taken for a tattoo to completely heal is about 4 weeks.

Not too much booze. Alcohol or blood thinners taken immediately before or after can be detrimental in the first 48 hours of getting a new tattoo as the blood and plasma can leak for much longer, preventing fast healing.

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