Cosmetic tattoos and micro-blading.

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Cosmetic tattoos and micro-blading.

The difference between cosmetic tattoos and micro-blading

Cosmetic tattoos and micro-blading can offer a whole range of opportunities to enhance various parts of the anatomy.
Micro blading is not permanent. This can be a semi-permanent procedure that lasts from 1 to 3 years.
The shorter life of micro-blading may allow you to change the shading of the tattoo, the shape or even the position as often as you wish.
Eyebrow micro-blading is the most common. The ink is not deep under the skin. A tattoo is deeper.

The pain associated with micro-blading is less. There is more pain with tattooing.

If you were to have the choice of cosmetic tattoos and micro-blading done in the same place on your body, then the tattoo is more likely to be the most painful of the two.

Cosmetic tattoos and micro-blading

Cosmetic tattoos and micro-blading

Cosmetic tattooing, called “Micropigmentation” is a popular cosmetic treatment. This involves the controlled insertion of safe colour pigments into the dermis layer of the skin. This method can instantly improve appearance.

Tattoo pigment has smaller pigment particles suspended in a diluting agent.
This allows for a more natural, softer colour in the skin. Layering the pigment can create a much more realistic finish.
Traditional tattoo inks are much more concentrated meaning that they have much stronger colours. It is a permanent procedure and does not leave you room for a change of mind or any part of the tattoo without modifying the original tattoo.
Visible cosmetic “tattoos” should be completed perfectly from the outset with no errors to avoid a disappointing outcome.

Life of micro blading and cosmetic tattooing.

Quality tattoo aftercare helps protect against sun, dry skin, poor diet, hot tubs, hot dry wind and even some injuries that occur in our everyday lives.

A permanent lip tattoo showing the fine outline and the richer colour pigment.

A lip tattoo showing the richer colour pigment of permanent cosmetic tattoos.