Tattoo inks, contaminants and the dangers.

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Tattoo inks, contaminants and the dangers.

Tattoo inks, contaminants and the dangers.

There are various studies on the dangers of tattoo inks, contaminants and the dangers. Some have found “carbon black” which is the primary pigment used in the tattoo industry can sometimes be contaminated with a similar cancer causing agent as found in cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes.
Many colours orange, yellow and red are AZO pigments are banned in Australian manufacturing.
As yet there appears to be no restrictions on the importing and selling of products with AZO dyes.

Tattoo inks and the alleged dangers.

Tattoo inks and the alleged dangers.


Will gaining muscle distort my tattoo.

Gaining muscle will not usually distort or warp a tattoos appearance. It will definitely stretch your skin.
Only very extreme muscle gain may have an effect on a tattoos appearance.
Regular heavy lifting and serious workouts will not normally build muscle fast enough to change the appearance of a tattoo.

Some tattoo studios mix their own colours, It is a good idea to stay safe and use branded inks that list all ingredients on the label.

At the moment black is the safest colour. Blue and green inks with copper phthalocyanine pigments are safe too.

Some colours have a thicker consistency than others and so they take extra effort to get into the skin and because the ink is thicker a lining needle is used which hurts more.

White ink is the thickest and will therefore be more painful.

Tattoo ink should be place in the top layers of skin. If tattoo ink is placed too deep and gets under the skin and into fat layers. then this is when a tattoo blowout will occur.

Blowouts are caused by the artist pressing too hard on the needle pushing the ink too deep to where the ink can spread out causing blurring and poor definition.
No amount of tattoo aftercare can help this problem, its unfortunatly permanent.

All about tattoo inks and a typical tattoo blowout.

A typical tattoo blowout.

Generally the bolder , deeper, darker linework looks better with age.

With careful tattoo aftercare and a good healing tattoo, tattoos done in black or grey ink tend to stay looking good over time and fade less when treated with care.
The darker coloured tattoos will age better and age gracefully.

Seven ways to increase the vibrancy and life of your tattoo.

  1. Pick a good quality tattoo artist.
  2. Start tattoo aftercare from the first day.
  3. Get a black or grey tattoo.
  4. Think about the placement of the tattoo.
  5. Protect tattoo from the sun.
  6. Maintain good healthy skin always.
  7. Use Tattman Tattoo Aftercare products.

And finally, what the Bible says about tattoos.

The Hebrew bible forbade tattoos as written in Leviticus 19:28, “You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves.”
In ancient times Christian scholars believed this to be a warning against pagan mourning practices.

However religious tattooing pre-dates Christianity by thousands of years, some dating back to the last ice-age.