The Tattman Philosophy


At Tattman we believe tattoos are important. They openly display your belief, values, loves, frustrations, joys and devotions. They illustrate 'your story' and we believe it should be cared for and  protected.

Protected tattoos retain colour and definition for years and rely on -

1.  A highly skilled and talented tattoo artist,

2.  A healthy lifestyle, and

3.  Effective tattoo aftercare.

Tattman's Premium Aftercare formulas effectively feed skin with a unique blend of essential oils, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and micro-nutrients. These all-natural ingredients help to nourish, build and maintain healthy skin cells capable of displaying vibrant tattoos.


Our Vision

1.  For every tattoo to remain bright and clearly defined for longer.

2.  Provide 100% natural, high quality plant-based tattoo aftercare.

Our Goal

To one-by-one switch the tattoo community over to using the most natural tattoo aftercare possible (instead of chemical-based options).

(We're not just about protecting your story, we care about you, too).

Our Story


In 1975 we were making high quality organic products for our family; face moisturiser, hand cream, lip balm, soap, etc. Friends would ask if we could make tattoo aftercare free of harsh chemicals. We created some amazing products, but it remained a hobby as we both worked full-time. 


In 2015, we started a home-based business. That’s when ‘Tattman’ was born (as part of Australian Natural Collections) and the family came on board.

Today, Tattman sells high quality, pure, organic, plant-based tattoo aftercare all over the world. 

We genuinely believe our tattoo aftercare range is the highest quality in Australia . 

Tattooed Woman
Tattman's 10 Guiding Principles
When creating the best tattoo aftercare that we are willing to stand behind, we consider the following
  1. Organic – Only natures finest, chemical-free ingredients.

  2. Natural - Pure, premium, plant-based ingredients.

  3. Fragrance free and no harsh chemicals – No irritation.  

  4. Vegan – Healthy options and not an animal product in sight!

  5. Hypoallergenic – Naturally safe for sensitive skin.

  6. Lanolin free – No blocked pores!

  7. Petroleum free – Skin breathes with less risk of infection.

  8. Alcohol free – No dry, irritated skin.

  9. No animal testing – We love our animals!

  10. 100% Australian-made – ‘Ridgy-didge’
    (Oxford dictionary definition: Genuine, original, all good).

Purest Ingredients


All Tattman products are hand-made in Tasmania from 100% Australian ingredients.

Tasmania has many boutique growers and suppliers specializing in the purest, highest quality ingredients available. These superior ingredients are produced in arguably the purest air in the world, in the planet’s oldest, richest soil.

Some facts to back that up:
Tasmania’s prevailing winds come from the west and the nearest land in that direction is two thirds of the way around the world. Sitting on the edge of the cliffs on the North West coast of Tasmania is the ‘Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station’. There, for the past 40 years, they have been sampling air blown straight across the Southern Ocean. It is apparently the purest air in the world, used as the benchmark for gauging the health of the planet’s air. Additionally, Tasmania is the oldest part of ‘Gondwana’ (approximately 180 million years); which explains why our soil is so dark, rich and fertile for making high quality ingredients. This is why we think we have the best tattoo products on the market because the raw ingredients are exceptionally good!

If our Tasmanian producers can't supply, then we source from trusted Australian producers on the mainland.


We believe
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