Impressive Ingredients

At Tattman we strive to source the highest quality, natural Australian
ingredients for all of our products because you deserve the best.


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Kakadu Plum is the keystone ingredient in our MEGA BALM Range. The Kakadu Plum is unique to Australia and has been used in traditional Aboriginal culture for medicinal purposes for over 40,000 years and is now recognized for their rich, nutrient dense vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Kakadu Plums have the highest recorded natural amount of vitamin C of any food in the world, with 100 grams of the fruit providing well over 3,000% of your daily needs (just as a reference, 100 grams of oranges contains 59.1%).

Tattman's Kakadu Plum is the highest level of purity and potency available enabling this powerful water soluble antioxidant to pass its nutrients through the skin surface down to the level where your tattoo ink lives. And this is where the magic begins. 

Wound Healer with Above-average Antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory Properties

Kakadu Plum is a trusted antiseptic for fighting bacteria and infection.  When it comes to fresh tattoos, Kakadu Plum has the capacity to heal wounds faster than normal, helping to stabilise ink. High antioxidant levels calm redness and inflammation during healing and the 
Gallic acid (a natural anti-inflammatory) helps reduce irritation; having the ability to stop the crazy itching during the healing process.

Healthy, Youthful Skin

As a powerful antioxidant capable of boosting the immune system, Kakadu Plum has the capacity to reduce oxidative stress. It is reported to play a role in collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis by stimulating the growth of collagen. The collagen improves skin elasticity so it feels soft, supple and plump which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Tired, dull, blotchy and dry is also brightened and rejuvenated. The improved skin tone creates a more flawless backdrop and accentuates your tattoo. When skin imperfections are reduced, tattoos stand out! There’s no match for this rare super-fruit.

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Hemp Oil used in MEGA BLACK is 'cold-pressed' so the phytochemicals are
kept in their naturally potent, rich state and have optimum efficacy.

Healthier, Younger Looking Skin

Hemp Oil has a high concentration of three polyunsaturated fatty acids: linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, and gamma-linolenic acid. One of the greatest things about Hemp Oil is its ratio of Omega-6 (linoleic acid) to omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid) fatty acids being 3:1. Experts agree the 3:1 ratio is perfect for humans. Nutritional information reveals 100 grams of Hemp Oil is perfectly balanced, containing 80% fatty acids in the perfect 3:1 ratio. No other oils come close to this optimum efficacy. It is important to note, Omega 3 and 6 can’t be produced by the body, so it is important they be included in skin care routines. Scientific research found Omega-6 penetrated the skin and was found in the capillaries 10 minutes after application. The two Omegas pack a powerful punch of incredible hydration, oil balance, improved elasticity, increased collagen production and accelerated healing. Basically, Hemp Oil fortifies the outer layer of the skin and are crucial for skin functionality and appearance.

Anti-bacterial, Reduced Infection & Pain Relief

Researchers doing a dermatology study found Hemp Oil strengthens the skin and makes it better able to resist infection; which they attribute to the fatty acids. A 2014 article suggested hemp oil can contribute to stronger skin that is more resistant to viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, with another study in 2017 haling Hemp Oil as 'the ultimate protector'. They discovered Hemp Oil contains antimicrobial compounds and antioxidants that help destroy nasty microbes and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, making it harder for harmful microbes to enter the skin and cause infection. Additionally, research suggests that Hemp Oil has the capacity to help reduce inflammation and pain when applied directly to the painful area.

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UV Damage & Hyperpigmentation

Hemp Oil's Omega 3 and 6 can both help repair UV skin damage by suppressing melanin. Melanin is the name for a broad group of natural skin pigments giving the skin’s upper layer its color. The two fatty acids help reduce hyperpigmentation (the excessive skin darkening) that tends to occur with sun exposure.

These three fatty acids found in the perfect balance in Hemp Oil are severely under-rated. They can improve skin structure by retaining moisture by influencing the fluidity of cell membranes and transporting electrolytes. Balancing oil production and restoring the skin barrier to seal moisture in so it stays hydrated and supple. Hemp Oil is also a humectant, so it draws moisture to the skin. It's loaded with antioxidants – such as vitamin A, C, E, F, and it contains a lot of beneficial proteins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc, and vitamins.



Squalene is a naturally occurring organic compound playing a considerable role in skin's lubrication and protection. Our plant-based Squalene is a very powerful ingredient helping to oxygenate skin to flatten out fine lines, keeping it fresh and supple. 

Why You Need Squalene

Skin is the largest human organ; covering approx. 2 squ meters. About 10% of skin is made of squalene, but its production peaks at about 20 years of age, then it declines rapidly. This normal drop in squalene production results in ageing skin as we get older. "This extraordinary lipid (Squalene) comprises of unique fats, waxes, oils and other components scientifically proven to make healthier, more youth looking skin.

'Squalene is a superior antioxidant, equal to BHT (butylated hydroxtoluene), one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science.

Squalene has been found to have the unique ability to terminate the on-going chain damage inside our bodies'.

A complex and balanced bio-active formulation of coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, plant derived glycerine, vitamin e and plant-based squalene.


Micro-ingredients and micro-elements

aintains normal smooth skin health by switching on genes (transforms immature skin cells into mature epidermal cells).

Prevents production of excess sebum (which can cause slow, problematic healing).

Antioxidant properties play a vital role in collagen production; repairs old UV damaged skin cells on a molecular level, and smooths skin.

Blocks free radicals; protecting cell membranes from oxidation to retain youthful skin. Plays a role in smooth muscle growth, and retains the skin’s natural moisture.


Helps softens skin and keeps it supple by maintaining healthy cell membranes;  ensures deep skin penetration of nutrients provided by other active ingredients.

Improves skin elasticity by preventing calcium deposits in elastin fibres and helps flattens wrinkles, essential for repairing damaged skin (especially sun-damaged skin), plays a role in repairing fragile broken capillaries that allow blood to leak into the skin.

Oleic acid
Helps strengthen the integrity of cell membranes and repairs damaged cells (damaged cells are wrinkles and fine lines).

Palmitic acid
An essential fatty-acid (which declines rapidly with age) needed for making a healthy skin barrier to protect and hold in natural moisture, and accelerate skin regeneration.

Palmitoleic acid
Helps improve palmitoleic acid levels to decrease skin deterioration and keep the skin taut.

Alpha-linolenic acid
A deep skin lubricant which improves the skins softness and texture by keeping skin cells moist and strong.


Tattman formulas help to improve barrier function and increase collagen production; which is the protein that makes connective tissue in the skin. That connective tissue is a structural building block for firm, healthy skin.

Aromatherapy Oil

Improves skin elasticity
Studies have proven squalene penetrates very deeply to hydrate and soften skin.

Anti-aging properties
Helps build tighter and plumper skin.

Increases blood circulation
Transports more oxygen to the skin which gives it a fresh, healthy appearance.

Protective barrier
This lipid produced by skin cells stops moisture loss and shields from environmental toxins.


Restorative qualities
Helps repair damaged skin (scar tissue reduces) and rejuvenates ageing skin.

Powerful anti-oxidant
Plant-based squalene has a similar effect to retinol as it has the ability to combat free radicals and it helps repair damage to collagen caused by the suns UV rays. 

Alcohol free    No dry skin    Fragrance free    No irritation     Lanolin free     Fast Healing
No blocked pores   Cruelty free    We love our animals    Certified Organic   Less Itching
Only natures finest  Hypoallergenic  Naturally hypoallergenic   Chemical free  Australian
Smooth Glide    100% natural, plant-based    Vegan Powerful antioxidant     Healthy skin
Younger looking skin Hydrates & retains moisture Helps improve collagen and elasticity