Why Our Tattoo Aftercare is the Best

Organic – Only natures finest.
Natural, plant based – 100% chemical free.
Fragrance free – No irritation.
Vegan – Healthy, and safe for sensitive skin.
Hypoallergenic – Naturally hypoallergenic.
Lanolin free – No blocked pores.
Alcohol free – No dry skin.
No animal testing.



Since the mid 70’s we have been making 100% pure and natural plant-based skin care for family and friends as a hobby. Our professional occupations took most of our time so it wasn’t until we retired we noticed more people asking for tattoo specific products. As the tattoo community grew, so did the need and our small family-owned business ‘Tattman’ was created to meet demand.

We believe every tattoo can remain bright vibrant and as clearly defined as the day it was inked for decades provided you use the right tattoo aftercare products … because all tattoos depend on ‘good skin’. Our nutrient dense lotions, ointments and  creams are designed to feed skin cells to help build plump, healthy skin capable of carrying strong healthy tattoos.


Various studios and customers worldwide have tried and tested Tattman products. They all say the same thing, “It works and it’s nice to use”.

Whether you’re taking care of a new tattoo or reviving an older image before showing it off again … we have a solution for you.

Make Your Ink Distinct
Human + Tattoo 
= Complete

Satisfaction Guaranteed


At no risk to you because
we have a 100% money back
satisfaction guarantee;
… no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose …
only a great tattoo to gain!

Naturally Bright Tattoos


Complex natural formulas designed to improve definition of dull and faded tattoos.

Ideal for –

Tattoos with poor definition

Sun-damaged skin

Older ink-work

100% Natural


100% Plant-based
100% Natural ingredients
100% Chemical free and non-toxic
Unscented – fragrance free
Alcohol free