The Ultimate Tattoo Aftercare Kit (large) comes with 3 premium products; cream, oil and balm.


Details - 


Tattoo Coconut Healing Oil (30 mls)
Qty: 1


  • 100% plant-based natural oils and plant squalenes. Non-greasy and quickly absorbed.
  • Glass bottle with eye-dropper applicator.
  • Black travel cocoon.


Tattoo Cream (100 mls) 
Qty: 1


  • A luxurious complex formula to penetrate deeply into the skin leaving it soft, supple and healthy.
  • Tube with single twist lid.


Tattoo Balm (70 mls) 

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  • A rich concentration of natural oils, vitamins, minerals and plant squalenes.
  • Metal tin with single twist lid.


The Ultimate Gift for the Tattoo Enthusiast!


You 'ink your story', we protect it - Strong, healthy and bright for life.


Large Tattoo Aftercare Kit