Tattoo Care Bundle

Tattoo Care Bundle

Premium aftercare kits with everything you need to keep your new (and old) ink looking sharp for years to come

The formulas in our Tattoo Aftercare Kit deeply nourish your skin and ensure your daily skin care routine is absolutely optimum because great tattoos rely on great skin. Each product contains a blend of active plant extracts, oils, vitamins and plant-based squalanes.


Why you’ll love Tattman Tattoo Care products:

  • All-natural formulas help speed up the tattoo healing process
  • Great for your daily tattoo aftercare – no matter the age of your ink
  • Developed to help repair and restore the definition of older tattoos
  • Ideal for enhancing the colours of faded tattoos
  • Freely absorbing formulas that don’t leave your skin sticky or greasy
  • Providing a breathable protective barrier against environmental elements
  • Vegan certified and not tested on animals
  • Best tattoo care in Australia, made right here from organic, natural plant extracts and oils
  • Fragrance-free or naturally-fragranced products that are suitable for all skin types (including sensitive and sun-damaged)

What do I need for the best tattoo care?

We’ve got you covered with our tattoo healing oil, tattoo cream, and popular tattoo aftercare balm.

Tattoo Healing Oil

This specialised oil speeds up the healing process and provides a protective layer on your skin that reduces itching and shields your new ink from dirt and dust. What’s more, it’s recognised by Australian tattoo artists as the best aftercare available to aid the healing process and retain the brightest colours and sharpest lines.

Tattoo Aftercare Balm

This balm is a real game-changer when it comes to tattoo aftercare. It’s made from natural ingredients, including vitamins and plant squalanes, which all work together to hydrate and nourish your tattoo.

Tattoo Enhancer Cream

This cream is formulated to keep your new tattoo looking and feeling its best. Our cream is gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin and is perfect for enhancing the definition and colours of faded tattoos.

What you get with our Tattoo Care Bundles:

  • LARGE KIT: Enhancer Cream (100mL), Aftercare Balm (70mL), Healing Oil (30mL)
  • MEDIUM KIT: Enhancer Cream (50mL), Aftercare Balm (30mL), Healing Oil (20mL)
  • Your tattoo cream comes packaged in a convenient tube for easy application
  • Your tattoo balm comes neatly stored in a handy tin with a single-twist lid
  • Your tattoo oil comes packaged in a glass bottle with an eye-dropper applicator and a handy black travel cocoon
  • All our tattoo care products are made in Australia from 100% Australian natural ingredients

With our Tattman tattoo care bundle, there’s no reason to skimp on the new tattoo aftercare! 

Give your ink the treatment it deserves and keep it looking fierce.

Taking good care of a new tattoo is essential if you want it to stay healthy and bright for years. That’s why we’ve put together all the essential items you need in a tattoo care kit.

These cost-effective tattoo aftercare kits are packed full of all-natural products that are gentle on your skin and ensure your daily care routine is absolutely optimum.

Remember, great tattoos rely on great skin!

What’s more, our tattoo care packs make a fantastic (and practical) gift when one of your favourite people gets a new design.

Don’t settle for second-best or cheap imitations.

TATTMAN tattoo aftercare:

You ink your story. We protect it.




The naturally occurring organic compound playing a considerable role in skin’s lubrication and protection is called, ‘Squalane’. Squalane is a very powerful plant-based ingredient helping to oxygenate skin to flatten out fine lines, keeping it fresh and supple.

Skin is the largest human organ; covering approx. 2 squ meters. About 10% of skin is made of squalane, but its production peaks at about 20 years of age, then it declines. This rapid drop in natural squalane production results in rougher, drier, ageing skin as we get older. “This extraordinary lipid (Squalane) comprises of unique fats, waxes, oils and other components scientifically proven to make healthier, more youth looking skin.

“Squalane can dramatically improve the skin and look of tattoos” (Llew – Tattman Founder).

‘Squalane is a superior antioxidant, equal to BHT (butylated hydroxtoluene), one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science.

Squalane has been found to have the unique ability to terminate the on-going chain damage inside our bodies’.

Improves skin elasticity

Studies have proven squalane penetrates very deeply to hydrate and soften skin.

Anti-aging properties

Helps build tighter and plumper skin.

Increases blood circulation

Transports more oxygen to the skin which gives it a fresh, healthy appearance.

Protective barrier

This lipid produced by skin cells stops moisture loss and shields from environmental toxins.

Restorative qualities

Helps repair damaged skin (even residual scar tissue reduces) and rejuvenates ageing skin.

Powerful anti-oxidant

Plant-based squalane has a similar effect to retinol as it has the ability to combat free radicals and it helps repair damage to collagen caused by the suns UV rays.