Tattoo Aftercare Oil

Tattoo Aftercare Oil

A premium healing oil for your new tattoo and your new secret weapon against any fading ink

Tattoo Coconut Oil (30 mls) – Large

100% plant-based concentration of natural oils.
Glass bottle with eye-dropper applicator.
Black travel cocoon.

You ‘ink your story’, we protect it.


Why you’ll love Tattman Tattoo Healing Oil:

  • All-natural formula helps speed up the tattoo healing process
  • Ideal for repairing and restoring the definition of tattoos
  • Rapidly absorbed – no oily residue or grease marks on your clothes!
  • Great as a daily tattoo aftercare oil and high-quality tattoo moisturiser
  • Use in place of petroleum products – no more greasy build-up!
  • Vegan certified and not tested on animals
  • Made in Australia from pure, organic, natural plant extracts and oils
  • Fragrance-free oil that’s suitable for all skin types (including sensitive and sun-damaged)

Do I need a tattoo aftercare oil?

If you have new ink, then absolutely!

Tattoo protection is a critical aspect of aftercare, and our tattoo healing oil is designed to provide just that. Without clogging your pores, it creates a protective barrier on the skin that shields your ink from harmful environmental factors such as dirt and dust. This protective layer also helps to prevent infection, keeping your tattoo healthy and free from irritation.

Best of all, our formula is fast-absorbing and non-greasy, so you won’t have to worry about oil residue or ugly marks on your clothes.

What you get with our healing Tattoo Aftercare Oil:

  • Tattoo Healing Oil: available in large (30mL) or medium (20mL)
  • Packaged in a glass bottle with an eye-dropper applicator
  • Comes in a handy black travel cocoon, so it can go wherever you go, be it the gym, beach, work, or camping
  • 100% plant-based hypoallergenic formula of concentrated natural oils

If you’re looking for Australia’s most effective tattoo aftercare oil for your new tattoos, you’re in the right place.

Our popular Tattoo Healing Oil is formulated to protect and soothe irritated tattooed skin using the natural healing action of our plant-based ingredients.

The result?

Your ink will heal faster and with less itching.

We know because it’s been tested by the best tattoo studios across the country.

The all-natural ingredients protect the ink pigments and enhance the fine definition of your new design. What’s more, our tattoo aftercare oil is perfect for repairing and restoring older or faded tattoos.

Don’t settle for second-best or cheap imitations.

TATTMAN tattoo aftercare

You ink your story. We protect it.