A Best Tattoo aftercare Ointment for daily use to intensify colour, maintain clear lines and make your tattoo bold!

It has the same ingredients as the Tattoo Lotion plus natural bees wax. If you prefer an Aftercare ointment for tattoos, this unique blend of active plant extracts, natural oils, vitamins and plant-based squalenes help to nourish your skin daily creating a flatter skin surface to display strong, vibrant tattoos.

The BEST Tattoo Aftercare Kit
'for the tattoo enthusiast'.


This is Australia's Best Tattoo Aftercare Kit using the purest ingredients money can buy. Includes a Tattoo Lotion (100ml), a antibacterial Tattoo Ointment (70gr) and a Tattoo Coconut Oil (30ml).

The perfect gift for the tattoo fanatic.

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Great Value! Normally $72, NOW ONLY $65   


"Not all Tattoo Lotions are created equal"

(Llew, Tattman Founder)


So Many Questions and Just ONE Answer: SQUALENE!


We knew a tattoo's worst enemies were sun-light and aging. So our goal was to find natural ingredients to help oxygenate skin, keep it supple, repair it and flatten out fine lines. After extensive and exhaustive researching we discovered the power of 'Squalene'.

What's So Special About Squalene

Squalene makes skin more elastic - Helps build tighter and plumper skin.
Squalene has anti-aging properties - Studies have proven it penetrates deeply to hydrate and soften skin.
Squalene improves blood circulation - Transporting oxygen to and from the skin which gives it a fresh, healthy appearance.
Squalene is a protective barrier - This lipid produced by skin cells stops moisture loss and shields from environmental toxins.
Squalene has restorative qualities - Helps repair damaged skin (even residual scar tissue reduces) and rejuvenate ageing skin.
Squalene is an amazing anti-oxidant - Plant squalene (which is what we use) has a similar effect to retinol as it has the ability to combat free radicals and helps repair damage to the skins collagen caused by the suns UV rays. Perfect!

Why You Need MORE Squalene

Skin is the largest human organ (covering about 2 square meters) and approximately 10% of it is made of squalene. Squalene production peaks at about age 20 and declines with age after 30 years. This rapid drop in natural squalene production results in rougher, drier, ageing skin as we get older.

"It makes sense to replenish squalene to help boost the skin development system so we look younger for longer", said Llew (Tattman founder).

Squalene has the unique ability to terminate the on-going or chain damage inside our bodies by
helping increase oxygen saturation. In other words ...  'it's a superior antioxidant' -
equal to BHT (butylated hydroxtoluene), one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science.



Tattman's Tattoo Aftercare Ointment is non-greasy and quickly absorbed deep into the skin.

The result is a soft feel and the skin is provided with a breathable protective barrier from the environment.

The tin is a handy size with a twist lid so you can take it anywhere, anytime; gym, beach, bathroom, work, nightclub or camping.

The purest, natural ingredients we could find.


Tattoo Lotion Ingredients

A complex and balanced formulation of  coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, plant derived glycerine, vitamin e and plant-based squalene.

Micro-ingredients and micro-elements


A – maintains normal smooth skin health by switching on genes (transforms immature skin cells into mature epidermal cells).

B6 – prevents production of excess sebum. Too much sebum can cause slow, problematic healing.

C – antioxidant properties play a vital role in collagen production; repairs old UV damaged skin cells on a molecular level, and smooths skin.

E – blocks free radicals; protecting cell membranes from oxidation to retain youthful skin, plays a role in smooth muscle growth, and retains the skin’s natural moisture.

K – improves skin elasticity by preventing calcium deposits in elastin fibres and helps flattens wrinkles, essential for repairing damaged skin (especially sun-damaged skin), plays a role in repairing fragile broken capillaries that allow blood to leak into the skin.

F – helps softens skin and keeps it supple by maintaining healthy cell membranes;  ensures deep skin penetration of nutrients provided by other active ingredients.

Oleic acid – helps strengthen the integrity of cell membranes and repairs damaged cells (damaged cells are wrinkles and fine lines).

Palmitic acid – an essential fatty-acid (which declines rapidly with age)  needed for making a healthy skin barrier to protect and hold in natural moisture, and accelerate skin regeneration.

Palmitoleic acid – helps improve palmitoleic acid levels to decrease skin deterioration and keep the skin taut.

Alpha-linolenic acid – a deep skin lubricant which improves the skins softness and texture by keeping skin cells moist and strong.


Furthermore, it helps improve barrier function, increases production of collagen; which is the protein that makes up connective tissue and is a structural building block for firm, healthy skin.

You 'tattoo your story',

we protect it.



A best Tattoo Ointment for daily use to intensify colour, maintain clear lines and make it bold!

It has the same ingredients as the Tattoo Lotion PLUS natural bees wax. If you prefer an ointment on tattoos, this unique blend of active plant extracts, natural oils, vitamins and plant-based squalenes help to nourish your skin daily creating a flatter skin surface to display strong, vibrant tattoos. Non-greasy and quickly absorbed deep into the skin.

PURE, NATURAL, VEGAN, ORGANIC ... the best tattoo ointment.


Alcohol free – No dry skin.
Organic – Only natures finest.
Fragrance free – No irritation.
Lanolin free – No blocked pores.
Cruelty free - We love our animals.
Chemical free – 100% natural, plant based.
Hypoallergenic – Naturally hypoallergenic.
Vegan – Healthy, and safe for sensitive skin.

Non-greasy, fast absorption, penetrates deeply into the skin and makes tattoos appear bright

and healthy.

Healthy Skin

More oxygenated
Increased blood flow

Younger Skin Appearance

Improved elasticity
Helps repair collagen

Supple Skin

Hydrates and retains moisture
Powerful antioxidant




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