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Because great tattoos depend on good skin, and 
good skin depends on exceptional tattoo aftercare


pure, natural, vegan, organic, plant-based goodness



The Tattoo Enhancer Cream is a unique blend of active plant extracts, natural oils, vitamins and plant squalenes developed to help nourish your skin more effectively. By 'feeding your skin' deeply, healthy plump new cells can develop and help build a smoother skin surface. The youthful skin makes tattoos appear more clearly defined, brighter and vibrant.

Recommended for daily maintenance to enhance tattoos and keep them fresh and healthy.

  • Replenishes skin nutrients that naturally deplete during ageing

  • Rejuvenates older tattoos

  • Naturally Hyper-allergenic

  • Non-greasy and quickly absorbed

  • Non-clogging of pores

  • Superior skin hydration

  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

  • Natural fragrance 

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"Not all Tattoo Aftercare is created equal"


A tattoo's worst enemies are sun-light and aging. After extensive and exhaustive researching to find a solution, we discovered a naturally occurring organic compound that plays a considerable role in skin lubrication and protection; 'Squalene'. Squalene is a very powerful
plant-based ingredient that helps to oxygenate skin, keep it supple, repair it and flatten out fine lines. 

Improves skin elasticity
Studies have proven it penetrates deeply to hydrate and soften skin.

Anti-aging properties
Helps build tighter and plumper skin.

Increases blood circulation
Transports oxygen to and from the skin which gives it a fresh, healthy appearance.

Protective barrier
This lipid produced by skin cells stops moisture loss and shields from environmental toxins.


Restorative qualities
Helps repair damaged skin (even residual scar tissue reduces) and rejuvenates ageing skin.

Powerful anti-oxidant
Plant-based squalene has a similar effect to retinol as it has the ability to combat free radicals and helps repair damage to the skins collagen caused by the suns UV rays. 

Why You Need More Squalene

Skin is the largest human organ; covering approx. 2 squ meters. About 10% of skin is made of squalene, but its production peaks at around 20 years of age, then it declines. This rapid drop in natural squalene production results in rougher, drier, ageing skin as we age.
"It makes sense to replenish squalene. That way tattoos can look better for longer", said Llew (Tattman founder).

Calm Sea

Squalene is a superior antioxidant, equal to BHT (butylated hydroxtoluene),

one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science.

Squalene has been found to have the unique ability to terminate the
on-going chain damage inside our bodies.

Why Tattman's Tattoo Aftercare is the Best Premium Product on the Market


Impressive Ingredients 

A complex and balanced bio-active formulation of coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, plant derived glycerine, vitamin e and plant-based squalene.

Micro-ingredients and micro-elements

aintains normal smooth skin health by switching on genes (transforms immature skin cells into mature epidermal cells).

Prevents production of excess sebum. Too much sebum can cause slow, problematic healing.

Antioxidant properties play a vital role in collagen production; repairs old UV damaged skin cells on a molecular level, and smooths skin.

Blocks free radicals; protecting cell membranes from oxidation to retain youthful skin, plays a role in smooth muscle growth, and retains the skin’s natural moisture.

Improves skin elasticity by preventing calcium deposits in elastin fibres and helps flattens wrinkles, essential for repairing damaged skin (especially sun-damaged skin), plays a role in repairing fragile broken capillaries that allow blood to leak into the skin.

Helps softens skin and keeps it supple by maintaining healthy cell membranes;  ensures deep skin penetration of nutrients provided by other active ingredients.

Oleic acid
Helps strengthen the integrity of cell membranes and repairs damaged cells (damaged cells are wrinkles and fine lines).

Palmitic acid
An essential fatty-acid (which declines rapidly with age)  needed for making a healthy skin barrier to protect and hold in natural moisture, and accelerate skin regeneration.

Palmitoleic acid
Helps improve palmitoleic acid levels to decrease skin deterioration and keep the skin taut.

Alpha-linolenic acid
A deep skin lubricant which improves the skins softness and texture by keeping skin cells moist and strong.


Tattman formulas help to improve barrier function and increase collagen production; which is the protein that makes connective tissue in the skin. That connective tissue is a structural building block for firm, healthy skin.

"Over 55% of men and women reported they use our tattoo cream as
an anti-aging moisturiser on their face, neck and hands".

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Satisfaction Guaranteed


Purchase with peace of mind..


Our satisfaction guarantee allows you to return the product and get your money back in full; no questions asked.

There is no risk, only a great tattoo to be gained.


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Velvet Dress

Skin Appears Younger

Improved elasticity
Helps repair collagen

Healthier Skin

More oxygenated
Increased blood flow

More Supple Skin

Hydrates and retains moisture
Powerful antioxidant

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Whether you're a die-hard fan, paying tribute to a loved one, showing the world what you truly believe in or you're just into art, there's only one tattoo aftercare collection that's going to live up to expectation; that's Tattman.

Although Squalene is classified as an oil, this non-greasy tattoo cream is quickly absorbed deep into the skin and nourishes with a rich blend of natural plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

100% pure, organic and natural. Animal-friendly and chemical-free. Skincare doesn't get any better than this.

Our range of tattoo skincare is the finest premium tattoo aftercare money can buy; luxurious, protective, restorative.

It's the ultimate way to keep blacks black and colours bright.

The ULTIMATE Gift for the tattoo enthusiast!

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Travel Cocoon

*Sample Eye-dropper

The Premium Tattoo Aftercare Kit contains - 1 x Cream (100ml), 1 x Balm (70gr), 1 x Blended Oils (30ml).

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Perfect Gift for -

  • Birthdays

  • Wedding Party Gifts

  • Mother's Day / Father's Day

  • Christmas Present

  • and the ideal 'Thank you' gift!

Normally $72, now only $65


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