A few thoughts about tattoo care before you get a new tattoo.

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A few thoughts about tattoo care before you get a new tattoo.

Be happy with your choice of new tattoo.

Before going too far make sure you are happy with your choice of new tattoo.
Ink is permanent so take time to think long and hard about what it will look like for example, what it will depict, what size, what color and where it will be located on your body.
We have talked about the lengths a good tattoo artist should go to to ensure their studio is a clean work environment.
Now what about your new tattoo regime? 
Sometimes it’s difficult to work in convenient times for both artist and yourself. Try to make an appointment where you get the opportunity to go home, have a quick shower and put on a clean change of clothes that are comfortable and lose fitting.
If the studio has provided a sterile environment, then you should also be as clean as possible.

Choose your tattoo after care wisely.

Your new tattoo should be treated with good quality after care and by good quality I mean:
All natural ingredients.
Chemical free.
Fragrance free.
Suitable for sensitive and sun damaged skin.
Obviously cruelty free. 
These features help the moisturizer to be gentle on your skin and reduce the risk of any irritation or reaction occurring. Certain additives, such as Vitamin E and other natural antioxidants will help with the soothing of the skin.
Applying a good moisturizer to a fresh tattoo actually feels good.
It is with these features in mind that Tattman Tattoo Aftercare was released to the tattoo world as  a complete tattoo care.
From here on, your skin care routine is  based on maintenance and skin health  and having your tattoo’s looking their best,
The worst thing is to be disappointed with your new tattoo after all the planning and dreaming about the final result.
Your ultimate goal is to be happy with your new tattoo so take time to plan and think carefully.

Be happy with your new tattoo.