Best Place for a New Tattoo

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Best Place for a New Tattoo

Where to put a new tattoo.

There is no right or wrong place to get some new art on your body but, where you choose to place it may have an influence on the way you are perceived in the workplace (sad but true … still). Though you may consider this to be an infringement on your personal choice, consider this, there is a possibility a tattoo may have a negative affect on your employment and financial opportunities; evident in some industries more than others.

The Best Area for a Tattoo The formal office setting may well take a dim view of visible tattoo’s such as the wrist, fingers, hands, neck or face. The best locations for your ink for a formal workplace is basically anywhere it can be covered by clothing or accessories.

On the top or sides your feet. On calves or thighs, depending on dress codes. Upper arms and upper or lower back.

Carefully consider the location of your chosen art and your future ambitions in the workplace.
A tattoo is a lifelong commitment, therefore, you need to decide if you want the tattoo you choose to still be visible in ten years, 20 years, or even longer. Yes, tattoo removal has come a long way, though it is a lengthy and expensive process. In some cases, covering a tattoo with makeup is a viable option at work or in other scenarios.

Career goals may play a significant role in how noticeable you want your tattoo to be. While society has come a long way in hiring employees with tattoos, they are still uncommon in some professions. Here are some industries that may ask you to cover up your tattoos at work:

Education or teachers
Financial institutions or banks
Law enforcement
Law firms

Regardless of your career, you may want to get an inappropriate tattoo on a part that is not visible in public. While you should be able to express yourself, getting a curse word or inappropriate image may be best in a more discreet spot.

Also if you don’t enjoy pain then aim for “meatier” areas like the thigh or biceps for the least pain. If it’s your first tattoo, these 2 places may be a good choice. They tend to be less painful than other areas because of the muscle. The forearm or back of the shoulder is also a good choice.

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Think carefully about the best place for a new tattoo.