Your new tattoo and it’s appearance in the future.

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Your new tattoo and it’s appearance in the future.

What will your tattoo look like in the future?

All tattoos will fade over time and some types of tattoos are more prone to fading than others. The lighter colours of water colours and pastels will fade faster than the darker pigments like black or grey.

Some styles may fade faster than others. Geometric designs use a lot of dots and clean lines. These can be more susceptible to damage from wear and tear, rubbing against clothes and even a tattoo over a joint where there can be a lot of stretching will be impacted over time. Additionally, weight gain or lose will affect the body art long-term.

Most importantly, care during the healing phase, aftercare regime and sunlight are by far the biggest influences of how good tattoos look in years to come.

Our bodies change a lot as we go through life. The signs of ageing are evident upon our skin. Wrinkles, sagging and loosening skin. Add in the wear and tear of the years, and you can expect some changes over time. A tattoo is part of your skin, any significant deterioration that happens to your skin affects the ink. Generally, the change is slow and the better care you take of your skin, the better the tattoo’s appearance remains. The location of your tattoo changes how much the tattoo wears over time. Somewhere like the upper leg, which is usually covered and has a lot of friction will receive more wear than somewhere that is usually unrestricted. The size of the tattoo is another factor here. Having lots of small lettering or tiny, intricate details leaves more chance of distortion. The small changes in your skin can, over the decades, change the appearance of these smaller details and what your tattoo will look like in a few years from now?. A large tattoo with bold lines and design is less likely to experience as noticeable distortion.

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Your new tattoo and it's appearance in the future. What will time do?
Your new tattoo and what will your tattoo look like in the future?