Your new tattoo and tattoo care.

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Your new tattoo and tattoo care.

Your new tattoo and tattoo care.

You want a new tattoo and you have an artist in mind that you have used in the past. You think you can trust this artist to do what you require, or you may even be just checking out a new studio.

Your tattoo care is your responsibility and the tattoo artist can only advise you how to get the best tattoo healing process using the available aftercare.

Choose carefully. Take a good look around the studio and be sure that their hygiene standards are acceptable to you.
What you are about to do will reflect your choice of art and meaning permanently.

The properly equipped tattoo studio will use bio-hazard containers for objects that have been in contact with blood or bodily fluids, sharps containers for old needles, and an autoclave for sterilizing tools.

Things to be aware of:

There are some states requiring studios by law to have a wash area supplied with hot and cold water.
Other states and countries all have their own regulations and bylaws.

To prevent cross contamination an artist will first wash his or her hands to apply the stencil and at any other time to prevent cross contamination between clients.

Single use gloves are mandatory and disposed of after each stage of tattooing.

Between each and every process of the tattooing, the artists gloves must go in the waste bin.
That also includes anything used for cleaning the tattoo station, used for tattooing the client, or cleaning the new tattoo.

New tattoo Regulations:

Most countries and states have their own certification and requirements of the artist and the studio to maintain a good standard of tattoo care.
Be aware of the regulations of the country or state where your studio is located.

In some states and countries it is illegal to tattoo a minor even with parental consent, except in the case of medical tattoos.

It is against the law to tattoo impaired persons, people with severe skin conditions or any who are pregnant or nursing, those incapable of consent, or those under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

First your artist will ask you to approve the final stencil position.
When you are happy with the position, the artist will open a new sterile needle package in front of you. Always using new, sterile, or disposable instruments and supplies at all times.

Fresh ink for every session is a must and loaded into disposable ink caps.

Get rid of all excess ink.

All areas touched with contaminated gloves should be wrapped in clear plastic to prevent cross-contamination.

Equipment that won’t fit in an autoclave, has to be wiped down with an appropriate disinfectant.

Final quick look:

Look for any certificates of achievement on the wall.
Not every artist will be displaying these.
The hygiene quality of the studio will have an influence on your tattoo healing
If everything is up to your standards, proceed to the next step.

What tattoo care will you use? A premium tattoo aftercare
product will always give the best results.

Ok, now it’s your decision to continue or look at other

Your new tattoo and tattoo care.

Premium care for the new tattoo and daily tattoo aftercare made in Australia by Tattman.

Your new tattoo and tattoo care.


Premium care for the new tattoo and daily tattoo aftercare made in Australia by Tattman.