Aftercare for tattoos and long term care.

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Aftercare for tattoos and long term care.

Tattoo after care and long term care

The new tattoo healing process we have already covered we will move on to tattoo aftercare products and long term tattoo care.
Tattoo aftercare cream, tattoo balm or a tattoo oil, no matter what you choose, you need to consider a few basic rules on product quality.

Things you don’t need in your aftercare

Fact number one: the moisturizer should be fragrance free and petroleum  free. All petroleum based product can cause your tattoo to fade over time and any fragrance can potentially irritate any damaged skin.

Moisturizing your tattoo

You don’t have to continue using the same product that you started out with on your new tattoo. Use what ever product that suits your situation best (convenience and ease of use etc).
Make sure you regularly moisturize your skin to keep your tattoo looking bright and fresh.
This is very important where your tattoo can rub against clothing or is regularly exposed to sunlight.

Always stay hydrated as studies show that not drinking enough water can lead to dry and dehydrated skin. Drink plenty of water to keep your tattoo and your skin looking great. Using the correct tattoo after care products and long term care are very important.

Long term care and a few things to be aware of.

If possible, avoid rapid weight loss or gain. Changes in your body size can stretch or warp your tattoo.

Gradual changes in body size won’t make your tattoos look much different. Rapid changes in weight can lead distortions in your tattoo appearance.
Aftercare oil may well be better cream or balm for this situation,

For high quality tattoo aftercare products and long term care avoid cheap products, as the cost of high quality ingredients alone is more than the price of a very cheap product including packaging and delivery costs to your door.

This usually means the product is imported from a very cheap source and is of extremely low quality and chemical laden.

There is a vast amount of various tattoo after care products available but certainly not all are equal.
Take care to choose well as the quality of the aftercare you use will determine the look of your tattoo in the future.

A good quality water based aftercare cream is ideal but never think that oils and balms don’t perform well as a moisturizer.
They are great.

The medical profession claim that oils and balms are superior moisturizers.  “I believe this to be correct” but cream certainly has its place as a good moisturizer. It’s a personal choice.

All Tattman tattoo aftercare products are.
Fragrance free.
Chemical free.
Cruelty free.
Clinically tested.
Vegan certified.
Australian family owned and operated.

High quality Tattman tattoo after care products guarantee  the best long term care.

High quality Tattman tattoo after care products guarantee the best long term care.