Apply tattoo aftercare cream properly

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Apply tattoo aftercare cream properly

How to apply tattoo aftercare cream properly to protect and preserve the vibrant colours and details of your tattoo.
Well first, and very important is tattoo healing. You must take extra care for a tattoo to heal nicely.
Please read all the advice listed in our prvious blog pages covering tattoo healing.
Now the new tattoo is healed properly and cleanly, you can apply a good quality tattoo aftercare cream to keep it looking its best.

Tattoo aftercare cream.

I say to always use a high quality premium tattoo aftercare cream as not all creams are what they appear to be.
Choose the right product as some creams can actually harm your tattoo.

Harsh chemicals in some cheap creams can irritate skin. Always use a fragrance free non-comedogenic cream that won’t clog the pores of your skin and avoid all petroleum based products.
There are many different tattoo aftercares available now. The boutique, organic, natural and chemical free are by far the best and safest.

All tattoo aftercare products should be stored in a cool; dark place.

There is a number of various tattoo aftercare products coming in from “countries with poor manufacuring regulations” now and they appear to be quite popular.
A competitive price is the reason for the popularity of these products. I do question the chemical content, ingredients , purity and effectiveness.

Applying tattoo after care cream.

Wash your tattoo first and do not use harsh scrubs or loofahs, as these will irritate your skin.  Use a clean towel to pat the tattoo dry.

Now, to apply tattoo aftercare cream properly, put about a centimetre of cream from the tube onto your finger tips and gently rub the cream in light circular motions massaging a thin layer of cream into the tattoo

Let it dry into the skin without hash rubbing.
Use the product sparingly as using too much cream with hard rubbing will let the lighter oils enter quickly into the skin. Heavier oils and waxes can settle on the top layer of skin looking white and flaky, clogging pores and the tattoo will feel greasy.
Dont use too much cream!
Put on clothes after the cream has completely air dried.

How often should I apply tattoo cream:

When a new tattoo is completely healed tattoo aftercare cream should be applied, once a day to keep the colour and definition for the life of the tattoo.

All Tattman products are pure, organic and chemical free.

All Tattman products are pure, organic and chemical free.