How to apply tattoo balm.

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How to apply tattoo balm.

How to apply tattoo balm.

Clean hands, good hygiene and a high quality tattoo aftercare regime is the secret to the long life of a tattoo.

It makes no difference if you prefer to use a tattoo balm, tattoo aftercare cream or even tattoo aftercare oil. This simply a personal choice.
The outcome will always be the same. As long as you follow the basic rules of hygiene, care of the tattoo and aftercare application.

A good quality tattoo balm will be relatively hard because of waxes etc used in the manufacture of it.
If it needs to be softened for ease of use, then just rub your finger-tips in a circular motion on the face of the balm to make a small soft patch. Then apply the balm using your finger tips or a cotton swab to gently massage the balm into your skin.

Hygiene and tattoo balm:

Always wash your hands really well with soap and water.

Always use mild fragrance free soap, rinse well and pat dry your tattoo with a clean towel.

Try to let all aftercare air dry before covering it with clothes.
If it doesn’t dry quickly, you have probably applied too much.

Understanding aftercare balm.

Stay away from balms that contain harsh chemicals, they will irritate your skin and do irreparable damage to the ink.
Some of the softer balms can be petroleum based using Vaseline and this is recognized as not good for tattoos.

As with all tattoo aftercare products, do not use too much and be sure to wipe off any excess.
For a good outcome with any tattoo it is necessary to understand how to apply tattoo balm or any other aftercare product. 

Too much balm, oil or cream will lead to problems with greasy, oily feel and can leave a white flaked or waxy look. It may also clog skin pores so use sparingly.
Its better to keep adding a little at a time than to apply too much.

Always try to keep your tattoo aftercare products in a cool dry dark place.

Use a good quality aftercare product balm, oil or cream twice a day to maintain the continuous health, colour and definition of your tattoo for life.

Tattman tattoo balm for colour tattoos or for black ink tattoos.

Tattman tattoo balm for colour tattoos or for black ink tattoos.

Tattman tattoo balm for colour tattoos or for black ink tattoos.