How to apply tattoo aftercare cream

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How to apply tattoo aftercare cream

How to apply tattoo aftercare cream on a fully healed tattoo.

So you have decided on using a good quality tattoo aftercare cream as your preferred treatment.
Below is a few ideas on how to apply tattoo aftercare cream that may help get it right. Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to apply tattoo cream.

Remember tattooed skin is vulnerable to damage.

Skin damage on a tattoo will really show up more because the visual effect of the art is changed. It will loose definition and take on a pale colour so take aftercare seriously.
Choose an aftercare cream that is fragrance free, chemical free and hypoallergenic.

Cleaning the skin

Always wash your hands before applying tattoo aftercare.

Do not use hash soaps or scrub the skin.

Clean the tattooed area with gentle, mild soap and pat dry with a clean soft towel, or you can use tissues as an alternative.

Allow the tattooed area to completely air dry. It’s always best to apply the cream last when you have finished in the bathroom..

Applying tattoo aftercare cream.

How to apply tattoo aftercare cream properly.

Apply a thin even layer of cream by applying small dots of cream onto the tattoo.

Now use your fingertips to spread the cream in small circular motions avoiding too much pressure.

If you ply too much, it will feel greasy, use a tissue to wipe off the excess cream.

I have on occasions seen too much cream give a waxy white look to a tattoo because far too much cream has been used and the lighter oils have been rubbed into the skin while the heavier waxes have settled onto the skin surface.

I this happens wash it all off and start again using a lot less cream.

The tattoo should be always moisturised.

Apply the cream at least once a day. You can of course choose to use oil or balm if you find the cream to be unsuitable for you.

Balms are thicker and ideal for dry skin.  Water based creams are better for normal to dry skin.

Tattoo oil is also a good alternative but is simply personal choice.

Some people have been known to apply coconut oil but it is not sterile so care must be taken where there may be broken skin as this can lead to infection.

Remember to use a good quality tattoo aftercare product and always keep it in a cool dark place .

Your new art work is a symbol of self-expression and creativity, so take good care of it with quality aftercare.

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Pure premium Tattman tattoo aftercare products.