Why is my tattoo peeling?

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Why is my tattoo peeling?

Your first tattoo is exciting, and will very soon raise the question of tattoo healing and peeling.
This is the short answer:  

New tattoos peel as a natural part of the healing process.
This process is initiated by the trauma the skin experiences from the tattoo needle puncturing the epidermis
. That is the outer-most layer of the skin.
The puncturing causes redness, swelling and inflammation, ultimately damaging the epidermis and causing it to lose moisture.
As a result, the outer-most layer of the skin, which is now dry and devoid of moisture, eventually sheds.
The shedding is commonly recognised as dead skin.

It is said that people with naturally very dry skin may suffer the results of a dry, peeling tattoo more than a naturally oily skin.

Up to 2 weeks after your new tattoo, you have probably had the dead skin thing happening.
It is very, very important that you DO NOT PEEL OR SCRATCH THIS AREA.
If you do then your skin will become patchy and your tattoo may eventually heal with poor definition and patchy colour.
Also be aware of the danger of you picking at the new tattoo with your “not so clean finger” and creating an infection.

The secret is, absolute hygiene for the first 3 weeks of a new tattoo.

New tattoo aftercare.

Wash you tattoo carefully using a tattoo cleanser this lessens the risk of infection and will aid good healing.
Gently dry the area and apply a quality tattoo aftercare product.
If you tattoo has healed it may look a little dull, don’t worry about it at this stage.
Not everyone may have the peeling stage.
Fine needle work is a shallower process and will most likely lessen the peeling process.
It is normal for the area to itch, however
. If your tattoo becomes inflamed or red, go to a medical professional or chemist to provide a safe solution.

Proper tattoo aftercare will provide a bright long lasting tattoo that you will be proud of.
Use the best tattoo aftercare product you can afford
. It is always worth-while as an investment into the longer life of your tattoo.

Why is my new tattoo peeling?