What tattoo should I get?

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What tattoo should I get?

Decision time.

For a first timer, what sort of tattoo should I get, is a major decision and can be deeply personal.

The choice of art is very important as it has implications relating to several things.
Before you get your new tattoo think about things like, your workplace, social acceptance, a style that has meaning and tells your own story.
It should resonate with you as an individual and be exciting and daunting.

Are you looking for a meaningful representation or maybe an artful statement of your individuality.
Here is a guide to help you make the perfect choice before booking that appointment.

Looking for inspiration and purpose:

Well, now you have to decide if your body is a blank canvas looking for something random and exciting, or is there a deeper meaningful reason to get a new tattoo.

OK, here is a few ways to get some direction to find the perfect piece of art for you.
Search through Instagram and Facebook groups accounts.
Talk to friends with similar interests.
Check out tattoo expo’s etc.
Don’t forget Google images and similar sites or even good graffiti.

Where to place the new tattoo while considering pain tolerance.

The placement of your chosen art may well be influenced by work prospects, a partners views about it’s visibility.
Maybe there will be times when you need to cover up.
Put some thought into what your future may be and situations you may be involved in.

Different areas of your body have very different pain levels, Your decision on where to place your new tattoo could well be influenced by your ability to tolerate pain.
So put some thought into how much you are willing to suffer for possibly lengthy periods of time.

Pain levels may determin what tattoo you should get.

Pain levels may determin what tattoo you should get.

Looking for a tattoo artist that will make your dream tattoo come to life.

Researching and exploring artists with the style and type of art that suits you may take time but you must be sure the chosen artist is going to produce the required result.
When you have found your chosen artist then make an appointment to discuss the size, position, design refinement, and colour that fits well with your ideas and placement of your new tattoo.